Tradition. Innovation. Inspiration.

…by giving creative minds the very best there is. We are a traditional company with an innovative mindset and a local-regional focus. At MEZ, we value modern production, the highest quality, and a wide variety of products to meet each and every individual need.

Our brands

Our broad portfolio of brands offers you a world of products and inspiration for every skill level. We stock yarns, threads and other materials for every type of needlework and always find an individual solution for you.

Our philosophy

Perfect partner, sustainability and highest customer preference.

Vision & Mission

Passion, creativity, design, pioneering spirit, quality and a focus on people.

& Innovation

Innovation has been at the heart of MEZ since 1785.

Carl Mez invented the first machine that could twist a continuous thread. Founded in Freiburg and remaining true to the region and its way of thinking, the company’s history spans several centuries, during which it has been able to build up an expertise that is second to none.

Both in terms of handicraft and in the production of yarns, we traditionally are at the cutting edge of the industry and live by the philosophy of the founder Carl Mez.

At MEZ, “tradition” also means “innovation”.


When it comes to the production of our products, we focus on

  1.  highest, most state-of-the-art standards and techniques,
  2.  respectful use of natural resources and the environment, and
  3.  regional, fair production in a suitable working atmosphere.

These 3 pillars form the basis for stable quality assurance, innovative strength and social responsibility towards employees, customers and the environment.

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